The rise of IOT and Smart Devices in the marketplace has increased significantly. Basic IoT devices are now widely available and reasonably affordable in today’s market. Creating an IoT solution or data backend for your IoT device can be daunting as there are several of options noted for use in creating a backend or solution. This session will cover how to develop secure, scalable, IoT cross-device solutions with Node.js IoT frameworks like Johnny Five as well as, building data backend for your IoT and Smart Devices with the Cloud. The session will include a demo using an Amazon Web Services example leveraging services such as Lambda, DynamoDB, AWS IoT, and API Gateway as an example of a working IoT solution. Additionally, we will discuss how to write a cloud based API service for accessing and consuming data to/from your backend to IoT devices like Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino, as well as, how to connect and control the device by developing a mobile device companion.