Sam is currently an iOS Engineer at ZapLabs in Oakland. He is a graduate of Reactor Core's iOS Development Bootcamp, and is assisting with iOS teaching initiatives in the Bay Area. Prior to his work as a developer, Sam explored a diverse range of topics as a researcher and economist - from the impact of community financed wind turbines, to the environmental awareness levels of different income groups, to the potential for Islamic financial structures in the United Kingdom. In 2013, he gave a TEDx talk at the Museum of London on the nature of progress and the policy implications of well-being indices as alternatives to current economic targets. In 2015, he led the establishment of Schumacher College for New Economists, a non-profit initiative created in partnership with faculty drawn from the some of the most forward-thinking economic organizations in the US and UK. The college’s curriculum spans 150 separate topics, and covers everything from worker cooperatives to alternative local currencies.