Tiago Garcia is a technical leader with 10 years of experience in full-stack software development, software architecture, web performance and agile methodologies. Throughout his career, he has acted as an evangelist for code quality, unit tests, and collaboration, and has trained teams with diverse skillsets in front-end, back-end, and agile practices. Tiago is currently a Technical Manager at Avenue Code in San Francisco, after helping to launch the company’s Belo Horizonte office, where he was the first employee in Brazil. Nowadays, he leads 3 development teams at Macys.com, where his achievements include cutting page load time in half, a loosely-coupled component-based architecture, and close to 100% unit test code coverage. 

Tiago’s published body of work includes more than a dozen articles in magazines and forums such as InfoQ, AirPair, and Java Magazine. He has spoken at several major conferences internationally, and regularly presents at meetups and corporate trainings.